Elounda Ilion Hotel in Crete


At the Elounda Ilion Hotel the safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. Although the holiday experience might look a little different, we are doing our best to ensure it feels the same. Achieving this is a shared responsibility. Please join us in our efforts to enhance the safety of our public spaces by complying with local regulations and relevant house-rules to minimize any exposure to the virus. While we have adjusted our services to the new reality, you will still recognize our genuine attention to detail and personalized care.  Below are some key measures designed to ensure the protection of each of our valued guests throughout their stay.


All our team members have had certified training and are systematically monitored for strict adherence to the guidelines.  Moreover, temperature and health condition checks of all staff is performed and recorded at the beginning of each shift with as additional weekly tests. We have established a medical action plan and have a certified doctor on call. Provision of appropriate face masks and gloves to staff where and when necessary, based on the instructions of the National Public Health Organization with the adequacy of protective gear regularly supervised. Public Areas will be undergoing thorough disinfections, with extra attention to high contact areas, including the front-desk and public restrooms. Daily natural ventilation of the lobby and public areas will take place. All furniture in public areas is rearranged to ensure appropriate distancing.  Floor markings are installed for social-distancing measures of at least 6 feet or 2 meters and should always be maintained by customers and employees.  A nod and a smile will replace handshakes. Antibacterial sanitizers are placed in all public areas for guest usage. In case a guest is required to report any symptoms of illness the Front Office staff will be at their service.


Electronic Check-in via your mobile or our tablet is available, where the tablet will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Check-in has been altered to 15:00 and Check-out at 11:00 due to Government Regulations to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the room is adequately ventilated. The company car will be carrying only same room luggage. Guests are required to maintain distances indicated by clear signage and wearing face coverings whenever they are entering enclosed or partially enclosed public spaces of the hotel. We do appreciate your support and understanding.


Guest rooms undergo, thorough cleaning with approved disinfectants. The air condition unit is also cleaned thoroughly always according to the supplier’s manual. Our housekeeping team is equipped with all the appropriate protective equipment. The frequency of room cleaning is daily but if you require a differently, please inform our reception staff. We recommend guests to ventilate the room when they are out for the day and to vacate during housekeeping service and if any maintenance issue resolution is needed. A room seal is placed on doors to indicate to guests that the room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned.  Please be advised that hotel rooms are for customer use only and no visitors are allowed in the premises.


The operation of the swimming pool is completely safe concerning COVID-19. Pool chlorine and PH readings will be conducted & recorded every four hours in accordance with the protocol issued. Pool chairs will be sanitized every morning before use and again after guest changeovers. They will be separated at least 1.5 meters apart in each direction. Guests are required to follow the Pool instructions during use of the pool such as showing before entering, constant use of anti-slip flip flops and refrain from usage in case of skin conditions.


In our restaurant guests can enjoy food knowing it is prepared following high standards of food preparation. We have taken measures which include:



Our government ‘s instructions declare that we are required to keep a record of contact details, for all staff members and guests always with compliance to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), so that if a COVID-19 case is identified on a later date to make communication possible. This situation of COVID-19 processing is necessary for reasons of substantial interest in public health. Under such circumstances our hotel will process personal date of our guests and personnel to safeguard their health and safety which will be limited to what is necessary by the Greek Law and only to medical authorities or doctors.


As an extension to our offered services, we have teamed up with Cretanaid private medical center, where both rapid antigen and preventive PCR tests, (according to each country’s requirements) are offered optionally to all our guests, at a fee. These tests can be obtained either on-property or by visiting the medical Center daily from 09:00 – 21:00. Be advised that all tests are available for children, at the same fee. Please contact reception for further information.

The most important hygiene rules according to WHO

It is best to turn away if you must cough or sneeze. There should be at least one-meter distance between you and other people.

2  Please use a tissue only once. Then dispose of it in a bin with a lid.

3  When coughing or sneezing, keep the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose when no tissue is available.

4  After blowing your nose, sneezing, or coughing, wash your hands thoroughly, either with alcohol-based disinfectant or with soap and water.

Services not available:  tennis, children’s playground

Please note that all guidelines are subject to change based on Government regulations and restrictions and we will update them accordingly.

Elounda Ilion Hotel in Crete ESPA
Elounda Ilion Hotel in Crete ESPA