Elounda Ilion Hotel in Crete

At the Elounda Ilion Hotel the safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. Although the holiday experience might look a little different, we are doing our best to ensure it feels the same. While we have adjusted our services to the new reality, you will still recognize our genuine attention to detail and personalized care. Below are some key measures designed to ensure the protection of each of our valued guests throughout their stay for when we reopen in July.

All our team members have had certified training and are systematically monitored for strict adherence to the guidelines. We have established a medical action plan and have a certified doctor on call. Provision of appropriate face masks and gloves to staff where and when necessary based on the instructions of the Hellenic National Health Organization. Public Areas will be undergoing thorough disinfections, with extra attention to high contact areas, including front-desks and public restrooms. All furniture in public areas are rearranged to ensure appropriate distancing. Floor markings are installed for social-distancing measures of at least 2 m and should be maintained by customers and employees at all times. A nod and a smile will replace handshakes. Antibacterial sanitizers are placed in all public areas for guest usage. We will encourage contactless payments. In case a guest is required to report any symptoms of illness the Front Office staff will be at their service.
Please be informed that following our Government ‘s instructions for the public health protection, we are required to keep a record of contact details, always with compliance to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), for all staff members and guests so that if a COVID-19 case is identified on a later date to make communication possible.

Your ring of confidence is strengthened since all guests’ temperatures will be checked upon arrival to the resort as a precautionary measure. Temperatures exceeding 99.5F/37.5C will be considered out of range. Additional temperature checks may be done at the guest’s request for the duration of stay. Check-in has been altered to 15:00 and Check-out at 11:00 due to COVID-19 Government Regulations to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the room is adequately ventilated. Check-in & Check-out with comfortable procedures in order to practice social distancing. Accompanying personnel will respray and disinfect both the inside and outside of door handle with disinfectant upon leaving the room. Company car will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use, carrying only same room guests. All Luggage will be disinfected upon arrival. Guests are required to maintain distances indicated by clear signage, until directed otherwise by staff. Upon arrival, you’re advised to ask about the establishment’s policy in case of health incidents and about the medical facilities in the general area.

Guest rooms undergo, A/C cleaning and thorough cleaning with approved disinfectants and a steam cleaner. All in-room print collaterals are removed as well as extra decorative objects. Housekeeping team is equipped with face masks, disposable gloves & when required disposable protective aprons. The frequency of room cleaning is altered from our daily basis to every other day. However, if you wish our employees will not enter your room during your stay. We recommend guests to vacate the room during housekeeping and/or any maintenance issue resolution. A room seal is placed on doors to indicate to guests that the room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned. Please be advised that hotel rooms are for customer use only and no visitors are allowed in the premises.

Pool chlorine readings will be conducted & recorded in accordance with the protocol issued every four hours. Pool chairs will be sanitized every morning before use and again after guest changeovers. They will be separated at least 2 meters apart in each direction. Guests are required to follow the instructions for showering during use of the pools. Pool cartridge filters, backwash sand filters and strainers to be cleaned and disinfected with the addition of Chlorine solution via the access trap. Pool decks will be sanitized daily.

In our restaurant guests can enjoy food knowing it is prepared following high standards of food preparation. We have taken measures which include:
• Reservations at a specific time are required for breakfast and dinner in order to achieve restaurant capacity reduction enabling ample social distancing.
• Guests are required to use the hand sanitizers which will be available for them upon entry & exit from our restaurant. Tables can seat a maximum of 6 persons, although these restrictions do not apply to families with children. Minimal items should be placed on guest tables to allow for effective disinfection in between each guest.
• All Team Members will wear protective face masks and gloves as required.
• Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of food contact surfaces and frequently used machines will be practiced.
• All tables, chairs, service stations, salt and pepper shakers and menus will be cleaned with a detergent solution and sanitizer after each use.
• For our Buffets we have reduced dining items so that we can achieve increased sanitation. We will no longer offer self-service but instead an attendant wearing face covering will be serving, and utensils will be washed and changed more frequently. Portion controls will be emphasized to reduce food exposed for long periods. Sneeze and cough screens will be present at all food displays

Bar stools will be set at two meters apart and grouped in twos. Bar stools and countertops will be sanitized around the clock. We will ensure that disposable cups are available at all times and bartenders will wash hands after picking up glasses, etc.

We have set new requirements for all staff members to ensure everyone’s safety. Except the certified training that our staff underwent, they will not be wearing their uniforms while traveling to and from work, will be having temperature checks before their shift and will be wearing protective face gear and gloves at all times. To ensure all team members stay healthy both in and outside the workplace, they have been provided with specialized training on prevention and sanitation practices at home.

Our employees have been given clear instructions on how to respond promptly and report all cases of COVID-19 on property. In case we are alerted with a COVID-19 case at the Elounda Ilion hotel, all of our staff will work closely with the relevant local health authorities and the National Public Health organization. We will follow all the necessary steps according to their guidance. We will commence an additional cleaning and disinfecting protocol to all the common areas of the hotel as well as the areas we know the guest has been during their stay. In addition, the hotel will seal the guest’s room and undertake a room recovery protocol that is designed to disinfect everything in the room.

We will ensure ventilation systems operate properly and provide acceptable indoor air quality for the current occupancy level for each space in accordance. In addition, assessments of property water systems will be conducted to provide a step-by-step process for reopening water systems after a prolonged shutdown.

Services not available: gym, tennis & children’s playground

We look forward to welcoming you at the Elounda Ilion Hotel soon. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@elounda-ilion.com or +30 28410 41703 for more information.